NetWorks, the book

"Thus, when travelling in the territory of Ersilia, you come upon the ruins of the abandoned cities without the walls which do not last, without the bones of the dead which the wind rolls away: spider webs of intricate relationships seeking form." - Ítalo Calvino, Invisible cities

The concept of this project was inspired by Italo Calvino's book: The Invisible Cities.

In Ersilia there's a cicle, there are a lot of types of relationships, which are represented by streched strings between the houses. When the strings become so numerous that people can no longer pass among them, they disassemble the houses and leave town and rebuilt it somewhere else, hoping that this new web will be more complex and regular than the previous one.
We live in a complex and confused web of relationships, we tangle ourselves in it's strings until it becomes impossible and too complex to allow our existence, and therefore we need to leave it, to start all over again, it's a sequence unaware of its boundaries, it's something constant.
So we needed a sequence to show how the subject built his/hers web, streching string to string, tangling in its plots so then he/she looses everything and leave it alone, becoming nothing, becoming a tabula rasa, anxious, maybe, to begin shaping a new web, one that will make more sense, be less confused, less complicated, with a simple shape and easy to understand.

Therefore, we explore not only the creation and construction of a web/network of relationships by the subject with people and the surrounding space but we also show the consequences and what happens to the surrounding space once the subject leaves those relationships.

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